Pastoral Council

Our Pastoral Council was constituted for the purpose of advising and consulting with our pastor to formulate and develop parish initiatives in areas of need, and to evaluate and improve existing programs as well as to support and promote participation on behalf of the whole community.

The membership of the Pastoral Council is expected to represent a wide range of Concerns and Organizations, primarily Worship, Education and Evangelization, Social Concerns, Youth, and Community Building. Individual areas of interest and ministry generally fall into one ore more of those categories.

Pastoral Council Members

Ellen Dillard - President

Camille Boudreaux - Vice President

Jan Yakupzack - Secretary

  Kathleen Abboud            Terry Allemand

  Casey Liner                   Sandy Matzke

  Michelli Ordoyne            Jo Anne Pitre

  Gayle Prince                 Adeline Rodrigue

  A.C. Vitter